About Neville

Neville Shah has been in the comedy circuit for over a decade. That might make one feel old, but Neville enjoys feeling old. Having never admired the millennial, he’s quite happy to have just escaped being one. His humour is known to be scathing and unapologetic, and quite naturally, offensive to some. He doesn’t quite care- he prides himself on telling it as it is. Neville’s first passion is storytelling, and this pops up in every role he plays- whether he’s directing, working as an ECD at Ogilvy and Mather, or telling stories through comedy. His fans most appreciate the darker side of his humour, because it’s known to distinctly elicit a feeling of discomfort before making you laugh at the truth of it.

Neville has toured both nationally and internationally. His last national tour was for his Amazon special, We Should All Kill Ourselves. He’s currently performing, touring, and writing his next Amazon special.